Our Process: 30 Steps

The 30 Steps of an Executive Search

  1. Obtain a full job order and profile of the ideal candidate.
  2. Brief the research team on the project. Include the client's direct and indirect competitors, and the companies in which someone with the same skills would be working.
  3. Draw up a list of target companies.
  4. Submit the list to the client to add or remove companies as necessary.
  5. Draw up a list of target candidates.
  6. Submit the list to the client to add or remove individuals as necessary.
  7. Approach the individuals to ascertain two things: Do they have the experience and skills? Are they willing to move for the right opportunity?
  8. Conduct a telephone interview with each of the candidates.
  9. Reference check the candidates with a supervisor, a co-worker and a customer.
  10. Conduct face-to-face interviews or video-conference with a suitable candidates.
  11. Draw up a short-list of candidates.
  12. Prepare resume and consultant's notes for each candidate.
  13. Discuss short-listed candidates with the client.
  14. Arrange the first interview.
  15. Prepare candidates for the first interview. A key point: tell the candidates what things are important to the Hiring Authority.
  16. Prepare the client for the first interview.
  17. Attend the first interviews. (Optional)
  18. Debrief the candidates.
  19. Debrief the client.
  20. Arrange second interviews.
  21. Prepare and debrief candidates and client.
  22. Negotiate the package to be offered to ensure that the candidate will accept.
  23. Get the offer and acceptance verbally and in writing. No one should ever resign unless they have an offer in writing signed by the Hiring Authority.
  24. Prepare the candidates for the resignation and counteroffer.
  25. Confirm the start date and get the candidates to confirm to the client in writing.
  26. Remain in contact with the candidate and client until the start date to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  27. On the start date, check that the candidate has arrived.
  28. Remain in contact after the start date to ensure that the candidate is settling in and happy.
  29. Get agreement from the client that the project is complete.
  30. Get agreement from the client that in the future, they may be used as a reference.